Our Youth Lounge is located at 28694 Ryan Rd Warren, MI, 48092.

Youth Lounge is being utilized with programs almost on daily basis now, Alhamdulillah. Refer to our weekly schedules to learn more about ongoing weekly programs, as well as special events that are taking place in Youth Lounge. However, when it is not being used for a program/event, YL is available to the youth of our community. Please contact Br Tamim, our Youth Lounge Coordinator to schedule time in YL. He can be reached at 313-312-3932, send him a quick text or give him a call.

Bring your homework, take a break to read a book, or maybe just jump right into using the various games we have all over the youth lounge. Some enjoy playing the mini-basketball or the ping-pong, but most of the time the Foosball is booked. We also have 2 pool tables available as well as an Air-Hockey table. Come out, spend time getting your school work done or just relaxing and hanging out. Hope to see you there soon!