Youth of Ummah offers programs for our sisters. The ultimate goal is to make space available for our sisters to come together and build sisterhood, while being able to spend time together doing activities they enjoy. We are currently running three different ‘sisters only’ programs, Alhamdulillah.

  1. #TheSocial is a sisters only program that offers our sisters to get together every Saturday at 5pm and learn different skills, listen to an Islamic Reminder, and spend some time hanging out.
  2. Mommy & Me offers the mothers of our community to come together with their children and have a playtime for the children while they build sisterhood.
  3. Faith & Fitness is designed to provide a safe, secure place for sisters of all ages in the community to come exercise, promote a healthy lifestyle according to the Sunnah, and build a strong sisterhood.

In addition to the ‘sisters only’ programs above, our sisters are also participating in various programs that are offered to ‘Brothers and Sisters’ by YOU. Most of these programs are the educational programs, such as Fast & Learn and Islam 101.