September 16, 2017

YOU Mentors

YOU Mentors are members who have demonstrated exemplary character and have shown the potential to make a positive impact on the youth of our community.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Sincere intention to serve for the sake of Allah
  • Complete mentorship training.
  • Makes efforts to avoid habits or actions forbidden by Allah (SWT). We understand this takes time, but it is essential. (Note: Without it, everything mentioned below may be in vain).
    • Mentors will not be seen involved in a major sin, in the event of such actions, the penalty shall be removal from the mentorship program.
    • Must meet basic Islamic Obligations (five pillars of Islam).
  • Dedicated (shows commitment, consistency, sacrifice for the cause)
  • Committed (takes on what they can handle, and delivers)
    • Has adhered to the committee requirements and responsibilities.
    • Inform the youth committee lead if unable to deliver an assigned task as part of the committee, and find a replacement to complete the task.
  • Respectful: shows patience and perseverance in dealing with those around him/her.
  • Open to learn and show willingness to improve themselves through constructive criticism.
  • Character: makes efforts to follow the Prophetic traditions.
  • Active in the community: shows compassion and respect for the community in his/her actions.
  • Must be consistently involved in a minimum of one weekly YOU activity.
  • Actively working to develop skills that are relevant to the organization’s needs.
  • Support Outreach Volunteer events (dedicate 2 hours a month of their own schedule solely for the YOU Outreach; Outreach committee will keep record of this).
  • Some portion of their time is reserved for mentors training and developing Islamic knowledge.
  • Advise each other and be open to receiving feedback (constructive criticism).
  • Advise/criticize each other in a healthy/respectful manner. Try to bring positive change in each other through advice.
  • Must be Islamically appropriate in your social media presence.
  • Incentives:
    • Mentors receive 25% rebate on all YOU programs/leagues.
    • Mentors are selected as captains of the sports leagues.
    • Mentor specific events.
    • Letter of recommendation for college or job applications.