1. Acknowledge and abide by Youth of Ummah league rules (specific to your league).
  2. Respect the leagues rules and regulations, the Ameer, players, captains and game officials.
  3. Refrain from any disrespectful behaviors toward the YOU leagues, its participants and the audience.
  4. Maintain control of your emotions at all time. Avoid using abusive language or profanity, humiliating remarks, gestures of ill temper or physical assault upon another individual at all times. These types of behaviors as considered unacceptable. YOU leagues have ZERO tolerance for these behaviors.
  5. Realize this is a YOU league and you are required to conduct yourself in a manner that does not hurt Youth of Ummah’s image, mission and vision.
  6. Practice punctuality to show respect for your teammates and league participants’ time.
  7. Demonstrate appropriate gestures of sportsmanship at all times. 
  8. Respect all staff of the facility and follow all of the facility rules and regulations.
  9. Clean your bench/dugout area as well as the restrooms after usage.
  10. Join the prayers when the adhan is called. If you are not praying, please remain quiet and refrain from disturbing those who are praying. Stay within the location of prayer.
  11. Show respect to the Naseehah speaker; refrain from talking or disturbing others who are trying to listen.
  12. No players shall enter YOU league facilities under the influence of drugs or alcohol.