YOU Core are eventually supposed to become future leaders in our society who positively affect the hearts and minds of people. Many, if not all of the below requirements, are characteristics which determine a good leader, thus it should be thought of as leadership development. While some of these seem to overlap, there are subtle differences between them to keep in mind.

While YOU may expect and require one to have these characteristics, think of them not as a burden, but rather as a direction and path to self-development towards a character worthy of the company of prophets and their companions.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Sincere intention to serve for the sake of Allah
  • Complete mentorship training
  • Makes efforts to avoid habits or actions forbidden by Allah (SWT). We understand this takes time, but it is essential. (Note: Without it, everything mentioned below may be in vain).
    • Core members will not be seen involved in a major sin, in the event of such actions, the penalty shall be removal from the core group.
    • Must meet basic Islamic Obligations (five pillars of Islam).
  • Dedicated (shows commitment, consistency, sacrifice for the cause)
    • Mandatory attendance in Core meetings (for Core members). In the event of an absence, prior notice must be provided to the youth director. If a member is missing several meetings without notice they shall be removed from the Y.O.U. Core.
  • Committed (takes on what they can handle, and delivers)
    • Set realistic expectations and find a good balance; the focus is on quality, not quantity.
    • Has adhered to the committee requirements and responsibilities.
    • Adhere to the Islamic Shura System
    • Inform the youth director if unable to deliver an assigned task as part of the Core group, and find a replacement to complete the task.
  • Respectful: shows patience and perseverance in dealing with those around him/her.
  • When possible, assist others in other projects utilizing his/her expertise and teaching others.
  • Open to learn and show willingness to improve themselves through constructive criticism.
  • Character: makes efforts to follow the Prophetic traditions.
  • Active in the community: shows compassion and respect for the community in his/her actions.
  • Must be consistently involved in minimum of one weekly YOU activity.
  • Actively working to develop skills that are relevant to the organization’s needs.
  • Some portion of their time is reserved for developing Islamic knowledge (according to their level)
    • A progress update should be kept by the youth director on each core members.
    • Options can be any education resources available to the public (IONA Islamic education, Miftaah, Almaghrib, IOU).
  • Advise each other and be open to receiving feedback (constructive criticism). Advise/criticize each other in a healthy/respectful manner. Try to bring positive change in each other through advice.
  • Must be Islamically appropriate in your social media presence.
  • Make a monthly financial contribution to YOU (encouraged to contribute a $1 a day).

While most, if not all, of your efforts will be for the sake of Allah, don’t expect much praise and appreciation for your work and contribution. However, it will come in different forms and takes time to realize. Remember, Allah wants to see our efforts, but He rewards in this and the next world.