As of 12/2, Please note the announcements below:

There will be games this Saturday (12/7) at Warren Mott at 5:30 PM. Players without completed waiver forms and jerseys will not be able to play. Check your emails for the revised waiver forms. Exceptions apply to players who recently joined from the waiting list.

Players must complete payments this weekend in order to receive jerseys.

Get your Mu’mineen points! Falling under 60% will require you to sit out from the game. Mu’mineen points will be updated Friday. If you are below 60% on Friday, then you will have to sit out on Saturday. The cut-off for weekly points is after the Thursday Fast & Learn program.

Fast and Learn this Thursday at 7 PM at the Youth Lounge.
Islam 101 this Saturday at 4 PM at the Youth Lounge.
Be on time!

Given we completed the first season game, reimbursements will not be available if a player cannot continue, regardless of the reason.