Jeopardy Rules

  1. Each player is required to attend League Jeopardy Event and will be awarded 30 points for attendance.
  2. Refer to league schedule for the Jeopardy Event date, and it must be held before the play-offs.
  3. No Virtual attendance allowed in Jeopardy.
  4. No access to materials during the game. Disqualification if there is an appearance of access at the discretion of the event coordinator.
  5. No use of a phone, or any electronic device.
  6. All players are required to rotate the person providing the answer.
  7. In case of no buzzer, drawing decides the order.
  8. After the coordinator reads the question, a team is provided ten (10) seconds to answer the question.
  9. There will be some answer responses where the decision will be left to the discretion of the event coordinator.
  10. Team Awards:
  • Individual League Winners:
  • 1st Place = 300 points
    2nd Place = 200 points
  • 3rd Place = 100 points
  • In case of multiple league competition:
    Grand Winner = 200 bonus points!
  1. Jeopardy questions and answers must be completed and posted on the website six (6) weeks before jeopardy event.
  2. Jeopardy event questions must be completed and reviewed by YOU Education Committee one (1) week prior to the actual event day.