Community Projects Rules/Requirements

1. The Youth of Ummah (YOU) Outreach Committee will provide a list of pre-approved Community Projects that players can participate in. If there is an opportunity to complete a Community Project that is not already approved by the YOU Outreach Committee, the Community Project(s) opportunity MUST be presented to the Soccer Committee and approved by the YOU Outreach Committee PRIOR to participation.

2. In the event a player, captain or team comes across a Community Project, they must communicate this with the Soccer Committee and YOU Outreach Committee before completing, to avoid any advantages.

3. Players MUST complete a minimum of 2 Community Projects over the duration of the league. Any Community Projects completed before the league starts or after the league ends will not apply towards the 2 required.

  1. Required Community Project 1 = 30 Points
  2. Required Community Project 2 = 30 Points
  3. All Other (optional) Community Projects = 15 Points each

4. The deadlines to complete each Community Project will be determined by the Soccer Committee.

  1. Community Project 1 Due = *INSERT DATE*
  2. Community Project 2 Due = *INSERT DATE*

5. Players MUST complete 2 required Community Projects prior to the beginning of Play-Offs. Failure to complete the required projects will result in suspension from Play Off games. Suspensions are at the discretion of the Soccer Committee and will be determined on a case by case basis.

  1. Player(s) completed 0 of 2 required Community Project = Misses Game #1 of the Play-Offs
  2. Player(s) completed 1 of 2 required Community Project = Misses 20 Mins of Game #1 of the Play-Offs.

6. Players who join the league mid-way through the season are required to complete only 1 Community Project. Community Project requirements are to be determined by the Soccer Committee for players who join at the start of Play-Offs.

7. Pictures MUST be taken of the Community Projects completed. Pictures are to be sent to the Soccer Committee. Pictures will be maintained for YOU Media, Presentations, Promotion, Advertisement and other YOU related operations. Disclaimer: YOU reserves the rights to all media taken during YOU events. This includes but not limited to; Games, Presentations, Lectures and Community Projects.

8. The following are NOT considered Community Projects; Visiting sick Family/Friends, Grocery Shopping for Family/Friends, Work or School Community Projects and all Fundraisers.