Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

YOU Basketball 2017-2018

League Rules

Game Logistics

  • Each Team shall consist of Nine (9) players. Each Game shall be played with Five (5) players on the court for each team, and Four (4) substitutes maximum.
  • A maximum of Ten (10) players Reserve List will consist of additional players interested in joining the league once we have reached our maximum capacity.
  • In an event, when a team loses a player during the season; due to injury or drop-out, the team captain will be allowed to pick-up a new player from the Reserve List. The new replacement player selected must be equal to/lower talent level and equal round talent or lower. The replacement must be approved by League Ameer, after consultation with all captains.
  • Every player in a team must play minimum of Fifteen (15) minutes per game. It is captain’s responsibility to ensure playing time for each player. If a player feels he is not receiving minimum of Fifteen (15) minutes of playing time each game, he is encouraged to talk to his captain. If players fall short of minimum minutes requirement; team must play those players 1.5 times the number of minutes short for next game. On top of minimum required minutes.
  • Each Game shall be Fifty-Two (52) minutes regulation time and consist of Four (4) Quarters. Each Quarter shall consist of Thirteen (13) Minutes.
  • Each Team is allowed One (1) 20-Second Timeout during each Quarter, and One (1) 60- Second Full Timeout during each half. Captain or a player on the court must indicate to the Referee which Timeout is being used upon calling the Timeout.
  • There will be Twenty (20) second SHOT CLOCK in the last Two (2) minutes of each half.
  • There will be Two (2) minute official break between each Quarter.
  • There will be Two (5) minutes of warm-up court time for each playing team. It is essential the courts are only made available to teams scheduled for warm-up.
  • Each player must have their respective jerseys on before stepping onto the court for warm- up. This will allow referees to ensure proper usage of the warm-up time by assigned teams.
  • Players participating in a game without their jersey issued through the league will lose Ten (10) Mu’mineen points. Every game played without jersey will result in loss of Ten (10) Mu’mineen points. If a player lost or misplaced his jersey, please work with your captain and league Ameer to get a new jersey. Player has to sit out 10 minutes beginning of each half.
  • Game Tip-off Times are critical and distributed on the weekly Time-Schedule. Referees will maintain Game Tip-off Time. Teams scheduled for a game are required to be on the court with starting players. Regardless of how many eligible players a team has, games will be started at scheduled Tip-Off.
  • Referees will incorporate Back-Court violation. Possession team will be allowed Ten (10) seconds prior to being called for violation. Please focus your attention to the referee as he counts.
  • Each player is allowed maximum of Five (5) fouls. Player is allowed to play with Four (4) fouls and will Foul-out once he receives his 5th
  • Free throws are One-and-One, in which you must make the first free throw to receive a second one. Players are allowed to line-up for rebounds on the free throws.
  • Only In the last 2 minutes of each half, shooting foul will result in player shooting Two (2) Free Throws. Three (3) free throws will be shot if player is fouled on 3point shot under the last 2 minutes of each half.
  • If a player without the ball is intentionally fouled, he will receive one and one free throw and his team will get possession.
  • If a player with the ball is intentionally fouled, he will receive one free throw and his team will get possession. Intentional foul is when a player fouls another player without making a play at the ball.
  • Flagrant foul results in One (1) free throw and the team also gets the possession. A Flagrant foul is an action that displays intent to hurt/injury a player. The player that was fouled shoots the free throw. Two (2) flagrant fouls result in the player being ejected. Flagrant counts towards your total amount of fouls per player.
  • Technical Foul results in opposing team receiving one free throw and the ball. Team that has a technical assessed to the player, loses possession. A technical foul counts towards your total amount of fouls per player. The captain of that team may choose the player he wants to the free throw. The player must be one of five (5) on the court.
  • Each team will have Two (2) fouls to give in the last Two (2) minutes of the game. After the Two (2) fouls given, players will be awarded free throws from following foul (3) until the end of the game.
  • Game TIME CLOCK only stops during the last Two (2) minutes of each half. Time Clock does not stop on free throws or substitution during the regulation other than the above. Time Clock will stop during Timeouts. Referees have full control over the TIME CLOCK and can choose to stop under other circumstances.
  • SUBSTITUTIONS can only be made on dead ball; out-of-bounds, free throws, fouls or timeouts.
  • SUBSTITUTE player must check-in at the scorer’s table and request to be substituted. Upon approval from the referee, the player will be able to enter the game.
  • Three second violation will be called and implemented by Referees. For three second call, team will lose the possession.
  • If a game finishes with a tie after regulation time, Three (3) minutes of additional OVERTIME game will be played. If the game ends in a tie once again, another Three (3) minutes of additional time will be added and so forth until we have a winner. TIME CLOCK stops last Two (2) minutes of each overtime quarter with a TWENTY (20) second shot clock.
  • Teams with less than Five (5) Eligible players, due to being in RED, fouled out, or ejected, may choose to play with number of eligible players available.
  • The player with the ball, or captain of the team may call a timeout by asking a referee.


  • Each game shall consist of two (2) Referees.
  • Referee’s calls are final on the court. Once a call is made, it can only be over-ruled by the referees.
  • All players are obliged to follow the decision of referees.
  • Referees shall issue TECHNICAL FOULS for misbehaving, using inappropriate language, unsportsmanlike conduct, or taunting other players or referees.
  • Referees shall issue TECHNICAL FOULS to players not on the court but are a part of the team competing in the on-going Game and in the league.
  • Players issued TECHNICAL FOULS will LOSE Ten (10) Mu’mineen points for each Technical Foul received. This will affect the Eligibility of Players putting them at risk of being in RED.
  • Players receiving Two (2) Technical Fouls in A GAME will be EJECTED from the game and must leave the court & gym. Each Technical Foul results in deduction of Ten (10) Mumineen Points.
  • Players receiving Four (4) total Technical Fouls over the course of season, or in combination with play-offs, will be suspended for the following game. Players receiving Two (2) Technical Fouls there forth will be suspended for the following game.
  • Referees shall control the TIME CLOCK. The assigned TIMER will stop and start time only with the indication from Referees. Clock stops last 2 minutes of each half on all made baskets/foul shots.

Player Eligibility

  • Each player must maintain a minimum of 60% Mu’mineen points status to avoid being in RED.
  • Once a player falls below 60% in Mu’mineen points, he shall sit out first Seven (7) minutes of each half of the game.
  • Once a player falls below 50% in Mu’mineen points, he shall sit out first Ten (10) minutes of each half of the game.
  • Once a player falls below 30% in Mu’mineen points, he shall sit out first Fifteen (15) minutes of each half of the game.
  • Missing minutes due to being in RED does not take a player out of his minimum minutes he is required to play each half.
  • Players with Mu’mineen status of below 40% will not be allowed to participate in play-off games. Please work with your Captains and League Ameer to get out of RED.  Various options are available for players trying to get out of RED and are encouraged to do so.
  • Teams with Five (5) players in RED will have to Forfeit the game (play-off only).
  • A player will be ineligible for 1st playoff game if Two (2) community projects are not completed by end of regular season.
  • A player will have to sit out the 1st half of the 1st playoff game he partakes in if a second community project is not completed by end of regular season.
  • No substitution players are allowed for the game if any players are missing (play-off only).

Statistics (Stats)

  • Points, Rebounds, Assists and Fouls stats will be kept for each players and teams.
  • Stats will be updated and published on the YOU website for everyone to review. If an error is recognized in the stats, a player or captain has one week to address the issue.  Once stats are one week old, it will remain as is.
  • Each week, specific teams from the sitting teams will be assigned to take stats, and specific captains will be assigned to do the scoreboard. The assigned team and captain must complete the stats accurately and submit to the League Ameer prior to leaving the facility.
  • Each game week, Mu’mineen Points Standings, Team Standings, and Player Statistics shall be updated and uploaded onto YOU website by Tuesday evening.

Community Projects & Presentations

  • Each player is required to perform Two (2) community projects during the regular season. New players joining after league has started, are required to perform One (1) community project. The community project deadlines will be provided under league schedule on the website. Each community project will be worth Thirty (30) Mu’mineen Points.
  • Each community project performed after the minimum of Two (2) shall be Fifteen (15) Mu’mineen points each. Players are encouraged to take part in additional community projects.
  • Each player shall take part in Team Presentation prepared and presented by his team. The presentation will be provided under league schedule on the website.  Each player will receive Thirty (30) Mu’mineen points for presentation.  Captains and players are encouraged to refer to Presentation Evaluation Sheet to learn more about presentation requirements.
  • Minimum of Two (2) Judges shall be assigned for viewing and evaluating each presentation. The judges must attend all presentations and will evaluate and fill-out the Presentation Evaluation Sheet.  Please refer to the Presentation Evaluation Sheet for more information.

Memorization for Mu’mineen Points

  • Memorization Assignment for the Basketball League of ’17-18 Season are Five (5) Dua’s.  Please check website under “Education”.
  • If every player on a team memorizes the dua’s, and direct English translation, the team will be awarded 300 bonus Mu’mineen Points.
  • If minimum of Four (4) players in a team memorizes the dua’s and direct English translation, the team will be awarded 150 bonus Mu’mineen Points.
  • If minimum of Three (3) players in a team memorizes the dua’s and direct English translation, the team will be awarded 50 bonus Mu’mineen Points.
  • Memorization must be completed and given to the appropriate assigned league person prior to the completion of regular season games. Ask league Ameer who assigned person is.