What People Said About Youth of Ummah

IONA Youth Program (YOU) has been great. I’m in the Football League and I enjoy spending time with fellow muslim brothers having fun and learning more about Islam. Mashaallah The Islam 101 Class Has Been A Great Learning Experience. I Have Gained So Much Knowledge about Islam because of this program. I turned my life around because of Islam and this program. Brother Omar Malik has been a great mentor. He has great knowledge Mashaallah. He Is a role model for me and for all the brothers that attend the program. Islam is life, I always feel good with the Quran in my hand or praying at the masjid. Mashaallah we all pray together every Saturday on the field. Allhumdullilah Everybody has been great here.  May Allah Bless This Program And All The Brothers In It. Ameen.  ~Jawad Farrukh

I have been to almost all the masjids in Michigan and I still visit them quite often but I have never seen even one masjid that has even half of the youth as regular to the masjid as IONA has. Sometimes I am pleasently surprised that they are way more practicing then their parents. I know some of the youth personally, without IONA’s efforts they would not have been able to get off the streets and get rid of bad company. I think IONA has a very successful program for the youth that is really working and I see big differences with a lot of youth.  ~Hera Market Owner

Before joining Youth of Ummah (YOU) i wasn’t. Really a good muslim i didn’t read Quran or go to the mask i was always making excuse for myself when i joined the league i have changed 100% now im am starting to pray the right way and read the Quran. For that i want to thank my instructors and my muslim brothers .Youth of Ummah (YOU) has helped me so much by people reciting Quran and having projects about islam. I am happy to say Youth of Ummah (YOU) has changed my life alot and i will keep attending it, also before joining the league i thought islam was only a religion but i was very wrong for saying that now i know what is islam. Islam is a way of creating brotherhood, making peace , helping others , improving the community, and most important a way of speaking to allah. Also a lot of people look at me and say im not a muslim because im white. Or he is a Muslim just for benefits but i really dont care what people have to say because it is between me and allah i also want to thank my brothers in Youth of Ummah (YOU) and instructors. MAY ALLAH BLESS ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING ME UNDERSTAND. WHAT IS ISLAM. AND WHY ISLAM IS IMPORTANT MAY ALLAH OPEN THE GATES OF HAVEN FOR INSHALLAH.  ~Aldin (YOU Hamtramck)

Salaam br Omar. I was reflecting on the YOU Conference and realized YOU played quite a role in my life this past year.  Although I always loved my faith, attaining more knowledge behind it made me love it even more.  I learned to let go of some friends who weren’t adding anything beneficial in my life spiritually, gained some faith driven sisters and actually ended up marrying ***** cousin on the other side of the country! All this would not have happened had I not stepped into YOU. As sad as I am to be moving soon, I am happy that I ended up marrying someone very practicing, as that is one of the duas I’ve always made. It also helps knowing that he’s very involved in his masjid/community, so at least I’ll still be able to be part of a community 🙂  There were many lectures that helped immensely throughout my process of deciding if I want to marry someone out of state such as the istekhara lecture, shaytaan’s whispers, and picking Deen over other qualities when choosing a spouse. YOU helped keep my sanity when I was debating this huge decision in my head. I will forever be thankful for giving YOU a chance. Gained much knowledge, both about Islam and myself.  May Allah continue to bless you with strength and patience so you can help benefit others.  ~Anonymous Youth Sister

Assalamu alykum wrwb, I started coming to IONA in 2012 (don’t exactly remember the Month). I can definitely say that I am a totally different person now. I have learned so much from this place and I want to thank Br. Omar from the bottom of my heart for sharing his knowledge with us. He has changed so many lives without knowing it and may Allah (SWT) reward him immensely for his hard work. My story might not be the best one you guys hear but to me it was the most wonderful journey of my life. I am so grateful to Allah (SWT) for guiding me to the right path. I started coming to IONA because a friend of mine kind of stop talking to me and started avoiding me so I asked myself what have I done that this person don’t talk to me anymore. I don’t remember if my friend told me to join IONA or what made me come here but this was the best decision of my life. Everyone make mistake in life but lucky are the ones that realize their mistakes. Yeah I was coming to IONA every week and was attending lectures but everything changed when one of my family member passed away. I saw death so close that I began to wonder what am I doing with my life? Why am I here? What if I die today? What will I have to take with me? Am I ready to face Allah? Have I done enough good deeds? Have I pleased Allah? The answer to all these questions is NO.

I have never seen death so close before in my life, I used to hear about people and just feel bad but it never hit me that bad. Everything changed the moment this person left me and I promised myself I will change and I will only do things that please Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) took away someone I loved the most to make me realize that I was going away from Islam and I needed to come back. Being involved with IONA at that time was the best thing because coming to this place kept me from going into depression. Every time I come to IONA, my iman goes up. I love being around these sisters that are like family now. Fast and Learn is my favorite weekly lecture and I feel like this is one of the reason I changed so much. I am so grateful to Allah (SWT) for showing me the way when I was lost and guiding me back to Him. I hope to continue coming to IONA and gain much more knowledge and hope this place continues to help bring people back to Islam. I also want to thank that friend of mine and wish the best for them because she/he is also a reason I am here today. Lastly, I just want to tell everyone that no matter what you did in the past, just remember that Allah (SWT) will forgive you for anything as long as you repent. Thank you for listening Assalamu alykum wrwb.   ~Anonymous YOU Sister Mentor

It was amazing journey throughout this league, we have fought together winning or loosing. It was honor being able to take the lead of “THE BROTHERHOOD” team, yes we lost but; our intentions is more stronger than before. The Brotherhood and our Imaan that we had build together as team please let this be continue to renew our intentions to please Allah (SWT). May Allah help all of us continue to do good deeds that will improve our relations with the creator. The biggest trophy we took home is our deeds, intension, brotherhood and knowledges that will help us in the day of judgement.  ~Suhel YOU Mentor

Before I met you and before the IONA camp i was a very bad Muslim. Like horrible. I used to listen to rap, hard rock and every bad type of music i could get my hands on. I used to back bite lie and cheat almost everyday. I used to blame others for everything and thinking myself as a beautiful person. And worst of all thats when i started the evil practice. For nearly 2 1/2 years I used to do it freely. But after IONA after the YOU i was free from shataan’s clutches and stopped EVERYTHING.  ~Anonymous Youth

**** PARENTS **** (poem written by a YOU Mentor)

When they prayed to God for a child they didn’t pick and chose.
They asked him for the child good health and well being too.
After birth they didn’t pick days to show love and care only if you knew.
Their struggles were real and are incomparable to me and you.
It included long sleepless nights, and a lot of patience too.
Never did they give up on me and you.

Take a moment and think this through even if a child is disable to world you might be just another person without a clue but to both of them you are their world not one but two.

So I beg you when they become old don’t dare put them out. You gave them many hard days and some days went all out they never lost their composure and threw you out.

So please be gentle with them because we are all they got and in case you didn’t know service to them is service to God.

Obey his commands and love parents with all the love you got.. Before I finish let me make it nice and sweet here’s a bonus reminder Jannah lies under our mothers feet.


~Mohammed Ira Miah (YOU Mentor)

Testimonial about the YOU conference 2014  >>> Man I just wanted to tell you that this weekend was magical, mashallah it was by far the most inspiring and uniting conference ever.  So filled with unity and brotherhood, it was fun and exciting, wallahi I felt as if I’m with my family, family that I’ve known my entire life.  ~Anonymous Youth

When I wrote a testimony after the last league I spoke about how the league was a life changing experience for me. Little did I know YOU will change the way I knew Islam all together. Yes, that’s true for the last 23 years of my life I thought I knew Islam, until I got involved with YOU which led me to join IONA and learn about Islam in a way I never thought I would see Islam. Even though for the majority part of my life I lived in your so called “Islamic” country. I went from mumbling some Arabic in my prayer while my mind is in wonderland, to understanding each and every word i say in my prayer (because of Fast & Learn course meaningful prayer).

Everyday that I was involved with YOU, every week my vision and thirst for Islam became clearer. Now that I think back, since the first time I attended a lecture at YOU; I have always heard about renewing my intention. I was always reminded to do everything for the sake of pleasing Allah. I didn’t know what that really meant until after my first league at YOU. After my team lost I felt this depression. Which made me question myself, if I joined the league for the sake of pleasing Allah would I be depressed for loosing in a game of ball? It became clear to me that anything we do in life we should do it for the sake of pleasing Allah. We can choose to do the task for the sake of doing the task or we can do it to please Allah. The result of the task will depend on our intention to do the task. For example if I joined YOU for the sake of only playing in the league, end of the league only thing I would be able to accomplish is play in the league. But when I started sincerely renewing my intention to please Allah, I started to see the fruits of YOU. I loved attending every single Fast & Learn knowing that regardless if I learn anything or not, I am being forgiven for all my sins by being in a gathering of knowledge.

I loved taking part in community projects knowing that I’m taking part in representing Islam to people who have misconceptions about Islam. I loved being in the league regardless if we won the game or not. There were some days we knew we won’t be able to win against a team. But we learned how to face defeat. YOU taught me its not about how many trophies you may win, its about how badly you can loose and still keep a smile on your face and hug the team that beat you. That is a golden lesson anyone can take to their personal life. In life its not always sunshine and rainbows, all of us at times will face trials in life. But being in YOU, I’ve learned we can’t be afraid to loose, no matter how hard we fall we have to always get back up and keep going. Trying to practice Islam, especially in this secular society can become real challenging at time(OK maybe always).

People may mock you, your own family may look down on you for your small efforts to hold onto the rope of Allah. But one thing I know from now on, no matter how bad it gets outside I will always have this second home of mine. Where I can come and learn how to face my challenges out in the world. Where I can come and feel like I’m the most beloved even if the whole world hates me outside. Where I can come in and pretend like paradise is not so far away. And this second home is what we call YOUTH OF UMMAH. Where we are all brothers and sisters under one God regardless of our color, nationality, tribe and creed. May Allah bless YOU, and give us the ability to call onto all the youth of this Ummah to hold onto the rope of Allah and be not divided. And also may Allah increase br omar and his family in this life and in life after death, without his efforts I can hardly say YOU is my second home.

Don’t feel that if you get involved with YOU, you will have to commit your time. If you don’t commit your time for what’s good, time will waste you before you even realize you are wasted.  ~Anonymous YOU mentor

They say everyone has a wake-up call, an event in their life, that makes them want to change their ways.

My wake up call came on November 25, 2012, the day I turned 22. While I gathered around with family to celebrate, news came, that we lost one of our cousin who was fighting cancer.
A brother who I grew up with, visited often and shared many fun times with was now gone. He was only 23.

I realized then that life really is short, death will come unannounced and crash my party at any time. Was I prepared? Was I ready? Procrastination of changing my lifestyle had to end that day. I knew I had to change my ways before it was too late. I knew the time to make change was now.

Where do I start? What do I do? I was 22 years of age, l needed guidance. It was then when I turned to my younger brother who introduced to me, IONA and the Youth of Ummah (YOU) project. I was skeptical at first, wasn’t sure this was what I needed. I attended a few programs, and although my body was present my mind and thoughts remained absent. I felt uncomfortable, surrounded by guys who I never met before. I felt like I didn’t belong to this crowd, I felt like I was in the wrong place. My brother would attend the weekly programs, while I used excuses to prevent myself from going.

I remember attending the Youth Conference and watched the guys take part in skits and sharing this bond that I didn’t have before. I looked at these mentors and asked myself, could that be me in the future? Do I want to do this?  I was not attached to the Masjid, I was not attached to my prayer, I was not attached to my Deen so how do I go about doing this?

The YOU Program found a way to get to me. The introduction of a Summer Soccer league caught my attention. My passion for the sport of soccer made me want to join the league. I was excited, eager to start and just play. That is when I came across my first ‘obstacle’; the Mumineen Points system. In order to play I was asked to attend programs, participate in  community projects and team presentations. I had to do it in order to be able to play.

The league started, I attended weekly programs, I started talking with some of the other guys, getting to know them and learn more about Islam. At first my intentions were to gain points so I can play. As the summer league came to a close, I was free from attending weekly programs. I paid little attention and started going back to my old ways. I soon started to feel out of place and realized all along I was with the wrong crowd. I wanted to get back into the YOU crowd. I started to attend the weekly programs once again.

Attending weekly programs became a common thing, I would want to attend and definitely needed to expand my knowledge of Islam. I wanted to get involved more. As weeks went by I slowly felt changes. I started to know these guys by their names, they knew me by my name. I felt comfortable around them and soon felt this is the place I want to be in, this was the right environment for me. I wanted guidance and I felt it was going to happen here. I started to see a change in me that I have been craving. I felt a connection to the Masjid, a connection to my prayer and a boost to my Iman. I finally felt like I was in the right place.

Now many of you know who I am, I have been blessed to captain a team and lead a group of players who I now call brothers. I intentionally referred to these brothers as ‘guys’ in my testimonial because, before being a part of this amazing movement, these brothers were just strangers to me. Now, I feel a part of this, the bond that I referred to before, is this brotherhood that I hope to keep.  These guys are my new brothers and what we share, words can not do justice, a testimonial is not enough. The only way to feel what I feel is to be actively involved with YOU.

I am still far from where I want to be, but I am taking all the rights steps in getting there. A large part of this is down to YOU. I ask Allah SWT to guide me and this Ummah, to keep us on the straight path and away from evil. In sha Allah may YOU continue to touch and change our youth’s in a positive light and may we continue this brotherhood in this Dunya (world) and into Jannah (Heaven)

As painful as it was losing one brother,  Allah SWT took a brother away from me and then blessed me with many more.  JazakAllahukair.  ~Jahed Islam

Salam Just wanted to share something with you. Today at my staff meeting my manager asked if any of us were involved in our community. Since our company likes to be involved with the communities they serve in they want us employees too. It gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about IONA and YOU. About the work we do in mentoring youths, sports, education, community project, inter faith etc. They were all pleased to hear about the work and many are now interested in helping. My coworkers are asking me to notify them whenever we have food or clothe drives etc. I gave them the website showed the the helping others link. Honestly, I myself felt so great to be apart of this and having the chance to talk about it and sharing with others. JazakAllahukhair again for your help in this and by giving me the opportunity to take part  ~Jahed Islam

When I think about death I always wondered what my fate will be in this country, I will not have the same blessings and dues from people, as I would have if I died back home. After joining IONA Youth of Ummah, now when I think of death I know that I have many brothers who will show up at my janaza and give me Duas when I die.

I try to always remember Allah SWT and the blessings we are given. However, Shaithan is always there to distract me and keeping me busy in doing worldly things. I often feel restless and ask Allah SWT to give me peace. When I go to our Youth programs (Islam 101, Fast and learn) I get a calm feeling seeing my brothers and their smiley faces and sitting there and listening to the talks about Allah SWT. It is a completely different feeling. it is hard to ignore the worldly needs and wants and leave everything behind to go to the place where people talk about our creator. It is hard to leave behind the people that don’t matter and being with people who truly care about our well being, in this world and hereafter. But when I do by overcoming against trickery of Shaithan and my nafs, it gives me a great joy and peace.

I lost the first game and was very upset, angry even. But then I thought about the opposite team and how they were worried about their draft picks and made me happy that my brother won. I hope to retain that feeling of brotherhood and get rid of the rust that covers my heart from beating for only the sake of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT give us all, guidance and forgive us. May Allah SWT help Youth of Ummah reach every corner of the world and every heart that longing for guidance.  ~Raju Bhai

I ran into the masjid cuz it was so cold, n when prayer finished my colleague and I ran straight to the car blasted the heat.  As we are exiting the large parking lot crowded with cars and jammed with traffic I see a man in a orange construction jacket with his hoody on guiding traffic so everyone can get out safely and timely. I asked my colleague ” is this man crazy? Why is he out in this freezing weather and in this strong wind guiding traffic? People can manage on their own I’m sure and everyone is sitting in their heated cars.

He replies “that man does this every Friday, he is a wealthy man, he is a doctor. He does this because he is trying to increase his wealth for the hereafter”.  He does these deeds for sake of Allah and rewards from the almighty. And this same man cleans the bathrooms and the entire masjid every couple of days, and he does it when no one is around.

It’s really nothing so special but to me it meant like my whole world turned upside down, I asked myself, what do I do to please my creator? Other then trying to pray my salah’s I do nothing extra. And people that want to be dearest to Allah look for things that would satisfy Allah. Even if it means to be in the freezing cold weather simply guiding people out for the sake of Allah.  I’m sure there are many people that do this, but this is he first time I noticed something like this and felt inspired at the same time disappointed at my self for not trying harder to do better 🙁

All my life I’ve looked for guidance and Alhamdulillah by will of Allah I’ve found you brothers to help me through this temporary life, this temp duniya.  I heard similar stories about rich ppl doing this. It shows how true it is that doing good deeds for Allah and pleasure of it can not be replaced by anything else.

Absolutely, and I think the fact that he is filthy rich and still doing this kinda deed is wat inspired me the most.  I have more to tell you bro, I feel like bursting out excitement and telling you so muh right now, in shaa Allah we will get together and talk.  I heard this lecture a couple days back, our prophet (saw) loved nothing more then salah.  If he would face any calamity, hardship, or a death amongst his people he would tell Bilal, ” oh Bilal give call for salah” and that would settle his turmoil and calm him down.

Because he would fulfill 2 rakah and be at ease 🙂  Yeah bro 🙂 Mann I am going to leave work and pray two rakat.  Can’t wait for all of us to go to jannah and play ball there and dunk with smile on our face.  And the angels will be our stat takers.  No more hassles.   Hahahaha I got the biggest smile on my face now, mashallah.  Alhamdulillah  🙂  ~Kowsar

Hows everything going? Just though I’d let you know that I’ve been attending the indoor soccer games and its going great, Alhamdulillah. Being around the brothers again and being involved with Youth of Ummah is truly a blessing.

Just wanted to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the program, Alhamdulillah it is much needed to be apart of this brotherhood to keep me in constant reminder of Allah and being around the brothers inspires me to be much better  ~Jakirul

Your teammates (Deen Strugglers) all wished me well after my ankle rolled, let them know I’m grateful if you can! Thanks for caring, you and  your team!  ~Ali K

Losing games is not an issue to me. Issue to me is more than basketball, it’s what is going on in our hearts and minds and our Islamic identity. As long as we the youth become better Muslims then everything else is secondary even if I have to lose every single game in the process or get hurt  ~Anonymous YOU mentor

A moment where someone acted like a shadow under the sun is when ___ and ___ started the Youth of Ummah. It has benefited so many people especially youths. I am one of the person that it has benefited greatly from the program and I know there are more people like me that has also benefited too. Before joining the youth of Ummah i barely prayed but after joining it I have not missed a obligatory prayer. Even if I am not able to do it on time. I do it late. But yea. Thank You Youth of Ummah. I love all you guys for the sake of Allah.  ~Anonymous Youth

May Allah let our youth program grow and develop even more this year. Inshallah, the bonds among our friends become closer and tighter in our YOU program. Inshallah our youth conference will be a success, and inshallah by the end of 2013, we will have put the IONA – YOU program on the map for others to ooo and ahh about! It is a true pleasure and honor to be part of a loving and caring group of guys. Im truly blessed! Even though we are all competitors in everything we do, at the end of the day I can go to any of the guys with a smile and shake their hands while I salam them; knowing I will get the same gester back in return. Thats what it is all about! Without the youth and the brothers in our program, we would have no mentors. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you to those that are not mentors because this program wouldnt be possible without you. Mentors, inshAllah we can better ourselves and grow even more this year and lets cherish the moments we work towards this youth program because lifes too short. Lets enjoy it. Ameen!  ~Akmam (YOU Mentor)

Alhamdulilah, the other night while I was at my friends house I studied and memorized 40 hadiths. It gave me such an amazing feeling and then I remembered something my mom told me. She said I was never forced to learn about islam or even do salat. These are things I taught myself. When Allah sees the passion for Islam, he truly guides them to success. This I have also learned in a lecture. My mom is happy to see the blessings Allah bestowed upon me. I realized if Allah is guiding me through a path I have been asking for then I should try to be more ambitious if you want to put it that way. Thus I made a goal that for this year I plan to InshAllah memorize over 50 surahs, 200 hadiths and learn the seerah of the prophet (saw).   Jan 3 , 2013.  ~Anonymous Youth

Allah SWT has further blessed Youth of Ummah program with Mike from our football league last year to enter Islam.  He came to IONA last night and met us and accepted Islam and the feeling of how true Islam is and how fortunate we are to be a Muslim was over whelming. ALHAMDULILLAH.  Don’t underestimate your efforts and whatever little or big you have contributed to YOU program.  If its with the right intentions we will continue to thrive inshAllah.  we should all thank Allah SWT to be YOU mentors and not get lazy and continue to work for his sake.  ~Omar Malik

Our team did our community project on Sunday.  It was a really great experience man. It’s sad to see those people not have clothes and how happy they got. The last hoody we were handing out we gave to this lady and we only had one left and she had asked for another one for her husband who just got out of the hospital and br. ____ took off the one he was wearing and gave that to her to give to her husband, she was so grateful and thanked him so much,  that made me so happy : )  ~Anonymous Youth

Man sometimes you think these young kids don’t think ahead, but Asif told me about his friend we took to the auto show yesterday.  Turns out the boy’s father died last year during Ramadan and he has no older brothers so asif wanted to give the kid a chance to just hang out with guys and be around us cuz he doesn’t have it at home anymore and cuz he knows we help him stay out of trouble.  ~Shaffwan

This great and blessed basketball league is coming to an end soon but life of a real Muslim continues until we meet our Lord Allah SWT in the hereafter.  Some of our face on that day will be smiling for the good we did and others will be regretful.  True victory in this life is the victory of the hereafter.  Keep up the good work after the league.  Worship Allah SWT as He deserves, continue to gain knowledge through the YOU weekly programs and other avenues, think about becoming a leader of the great Muslim ummah, follow in the footsteps of Prophet SAW and give up the sins that are pulling you away from remembering Allah SWT and repent frequently.  May Allah SWT bless you all and increase our brotherhood forever !

And sorry if it seems like I’m not taking the league seriously. Spending almost all of my time with schoolwork, ACTs, volunteering, and being an active member in the YOU program has been difficult for me and I apologize for not putting in the effort a true mentor should be putting in to this league. Knowing that Junior year would be hard for me, I was reluctant to join the league, initially. But thanks to the peer pressure from all of the wonderful members of this program lol, I decided to accept the challenge and do it. JazaakAllah for giving me this opportunity and I’ll do my best to finish the essays tonight and present them tmrw. I’ll make it happen inshaAllah.  ~Obaid

Everyone please make dua for Akmams aunt she just had a stroke, how quickly life changes.  she is young woman.  Shahir mom was in hospital too recently so life is short and things change very quick.  I make dua that whatever happens that we are in state of working for sake of Allah and dont get so caught up in this life that we forget our bigger purpose in life.  So this is a reminder for all of us whatever is keeping us busy in life, we have to continue to ask ourselves how much of that is for our dunya here and how much of it is for the hereafter.  that is a question we should all keep in mind inshAllah as a general rule.  The best dawa workers (working for the hereafter), are not those who are always free and have nothing to do, but its the ones who sacrifice everything to take the time out for the most important thing in their life, i.e. Islam and Pleasing Allah SWT.  ~Anonymous Youth Leader

My grandfather, had passed away 2 years ago on September. I still remember how me and my grandfather used to pass time. That is by eating a bunch of papayas. We used to have a race of who can eat faster. I will miss those days. Now he is far away from me. I know that he is in Allah’s grace now.  When I heard about my grandfather’s death, I didn’t feel like doing anything. The Youth of Ummah brought hope to my life. They told me about how to raise your iman higher than before. I started to at least try to do all the 5 daily prayers on time, recite the Quran. If I continue this, it is not only good for me, but the people around me as well. That is why I encourage the youth to join the Youth of Ummah. The experience will be cherished forever. With all the brotherhood happening going on, we boost our relationships with our friends, to Islam, and to Allah(SWT). Take it from me, a 14 year old freshman, and a mentor of the Youth of Ummah.  ~Rettik Ishtiyaq

I just wanted to apologize about the whole trade thingy. Brother ____ made me realize it affected the whole team and a lot more. I guess I was just really mad about us losing so I wanted a trade. Hopefully you guys can forgive me. I didn’t mean to make you guys go through any kind of hassle. And honestly, I’d regret getting a trade even if I did. I’d miss my team, I’d miss the brotherhood. So Alhamdulilah everything worked out with me and _____. 🙂  LUFTSOA 🙂  ~Anonymous Youth

I would like to first start off by apologizing for not fulfilling my commitment by participating in many of the activities, programs, and being involved with the brothers during the course of this league. Although I do not believe in coming up with excuses, just as an explanation I would like to state that I have been working four jobs (make dua, I’m trying to save up for Hajj insha’Allah), 7 days a week and going to school full time. This takes up majority of my time, which also causes great fatigue.  So once again I apologize and ask for forgiveness from all the brothers in the league.  ~YOU Mentors

Asalamualikum wrt brt brothers I just say few final words about the league..

First I wanna start by thanking Allah SWT for letting my team n I be part of such a amazing League that constantly reminds each other to keep our intentions sincere n strive for Allah’s cause in our daily activities..Next thing I wanna say is on behalf of my team n myself I would like to apologize to all of you and your team’s for any mixed emotions from us on or off the field. I pray to Allah to forgive my team n I for our shortcomings. As far as the outcome of the league goes for our team yes we lost and were eliminated did we want to win? Yes but Allah does what he thinks is best and for us it was written to end there so we accept the outcome with no regrets because the better team won today because they played better earned it so congrats to those two teams.

Second thing I wanna say, no we didn’t win the championship but from my point if view I can happily say we got something much greater which is the amazing brotherhood among everyone and learned to be humble and sincere no matter what the results were and I thank Allah for that

Lastly personally what I learned from a team I was blessed to be the captain of?
When I first started in the league I use let my emotions get the best of me by wanting be so competitive to win and because if that reason I was lacking humbleness. Alhamdulilah as weeks passed by and playing with my team I watched them step on the field with sincerity and humbleness and walk off the field same way than we would remind each other to renew our intentions of what is the main purpose of the league and I started to work on it also and soon as we lost the second game today I realized right away I had learned to be humble from my team by the will of Allah. So Alhamdulilah it was a great run while it lasted..

Can’t wait for the next one 🙂  JazakAllah Khair.  ~YOU Mentor (IRA)

This has been a life changing experience. Words cannot explain how I feel about this league. I would never be able to repay YOU for what I have earned from this league. I know coming from a looser this might not mean a lot but I really want to say this. We might have lost the game but like I have always said end of the day we will go home with brotherhood regardless if we take a trophy or not. And I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love all of you for the sake of Allah. Please forgive me if I have ever unintentionally hurt you by my words. I really didn’t mean it. We are a family, and little bit of argument here and there will always happen. I would like to advice all the mentors please always try to look at the bigger picture, keep in mind the purpose of this league is to be an example for our youth and give dawah to the youth. Try to keep the game in your hands instead of your hearts. We can avoid a lot of commotion by not letting the game get to our heart. End of the day Allah does not care about a trophy, but he will punish us for hurting a brother. So please have mercy on your brother and sacrifice for the sake of brotherhood. Even if it means u loose a game to strengthen the brotherhood. May Allah make us among the righteous of this ummah, may He swt make us among those who unite and love each for the sake of Allah.  ~YOU Mentor (Syed Mohsin)

I Just would like to write that seeing my brothers sharing their experiences with each other really put a smile on my face. It is a satisfaction to know that this brotherhood is really in the practical world. I really enjoyed the league, but most of all our weekly programs, honestly i’m benefiting so much from these programs. I thank myself every other day, because i’m able to learn something new every week, and share it with my family first and others… Some brothers are getting to sensitive when dealing with the game and the league even myself at times, we should really avoid that from us, because just like brother Syed said, its about going home with brotherhood. As, long as we enjoy the game itself just for fun it’s alright thus strengthening our brotherhood. Lastly, i just want to apologize to everyone who i may have done wrong to or said anything wrong, please forgive my shortcomings, If you don’t i will be stuck in the day of judgement, please find in your heart to forgive me, I LOVE YOU GUYS for sake of ALLAH  ~YOU Mentor (Shahriar)

It was amazing journey throughout this league, we have fought together winning or loosing. It was honor being able to take the lead of “THE BROTHERHOOD” team, yes we lost but; our intentions is more stronger than before. The Brotherhood and our Imaan that we had build together as team please let this be continue to renew our intentions to please Allah (SWT). May Allah help all of us continue to do good deeds that will improve our relations with the creator. The biggest trophy we took home is our deeds, intension, brotherhood and knowledges that will help us in the day of judgement.  ~YOU Mentor (Suhel)

If you don’t find me in Jannah, then ask about me…

‘Surely the people of Jannah when they enter and they don’t find those companions of theirs who were with them upon good in this world, then verily they will intercede for them in front of Allah (SWT) and they will say:  “O Rabb we have brothers and sisters who used to read salaah and fast with us, we do not see them?”   Allah (SWT) will say:  “Go to the fire and take out any person who had even an atoms amount of Imaan in their heart.”‘

And Hassan Basri rahimahuAllaah has said:   “Have lots of believing friends because they will be able to intercede for you on the day of qiyaamah.”   And I am asking you, if you don’t find me in Jannah then please ask about me, because I reminded you of Allah (SWT) even if it was only for one moment.  ~Gulzar

Recalling from Islam 101, these are the three ways to give Da’wa in the society of today. Being polite, respectful, and patient in our presentation. People don’t listen when you are aggressive and as Omar said, some people anticipate hostility because they get a kick out of it. If a non-Muslim portrays provocative actions instead of wanting to learn about Islam, simply say “Salam” or “safety and peace upon you” and be on your way.

Setting an example. We should be good people and do righteous things ourselves so we wire people’s psychology to relate positive things to Muslims. Using commonality. We shouldn’t use Islamic terminology that is foreign to those outside the circle of our brotherhood. Instead, we should use words that are relative and understandable, i.e. using God instead of Allah or saying “peace be upon him” instead of “Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam” when referring to our respect for the prophet. Also, as Omar said, with the technology we have access to today, we can reach out and give Da’wa frequently to people we are in contact with on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  ~Remon Hossain (Basketball League)