Youth of Ummah (YOU) is a subsidiary organization of Islamic Organization of North America (IONA). YOU was established in 2011 to serve the youth of our community and provide an Islamic environment for them to express themselves and build a lifestyle of serving the Deen of Allah SWT. The Vision and the Mission of YOU are below:

Our Vision:

Conscious and influential youth uniting and transforming their communities, seeking the pleasure of God.

Our Mission:

The mission of Youth of Ummah is to attain the pleasure of God by:

Providing an environment for brothers and sisters to express themselves.
Creating a diverse and supportive network of youth.
Fostering purification of hearts and minds.
Mentoring youth in education, leadership and activism in North America.
Developing a well-balanced character based on Islamic teachings.
Engaging youth in community dialogue and transformation.

Youth of Ummah Member Structure

YOU organization consists of the following three types of members:

YOU Member

A youth new to the youth program and participating in YOU activities (educational programs, leagues, volunteering) may register with the organization as a YOU Member. Please see YOU Member Description for additional information on becoming a YOU Member and the opportunities serve as a YOU Member.

YOU Mentor

A YOU Mentor is a YOU member who is serving as a dedicated contributor in one of YOU projects. YOU Mentors are involved in teaching and mentoring the YOU Members as well as serving specific projects under the lead of a YOU Core. Please see YOU Mentors Description for additional information and direction on how to become a YOU Mentor.

YOU Core Member

A YOU Core Member has the highest level of opportunities to contribute to the youth program. YOU Core are leads of individual projects or a key contributor along with a lead in a project. The Core Members are assigned as Committee Leads. In case of not having enough opportunity to contribute as a Committee Lead, the Core Team Member will function as a critical member of a particular committee. YOU Core members serve as the drivers of the organization and are mostly involved in projects from planning stage, if not earlier. Please see YOU Core Member Description to learn more about the YOU Core team and how to become a YOU Core Member.

Youth of Ummah Committees

YOU organization is broken down into various committees in order to serve multiple projects efficiently at the same time. Below are active YOU committees. Please refer to each committee description document for additional information.

  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • #TheSocial
  • Junior Program
  • Special Events
  • Youth Lounge
  • Mommy & Me
  • The Hangout
  • Faith & Fitness
  • Leagues
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Soccer