8th Annual Youth Conference

#Woke – Reigniting the Muslim Influence

Youth of Ummah is excited to host our 8th Annual Youth conference on Saturday, March 30 @ 5:30pm at IONA Center.

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Living in the West, Muslim youth face rampant islamophobia, struggling to maintain their identity and values among many other challenges. At a time when it is essential to help them overcome these challenges, there are many efforts being made to awaken the Muslim identity that makes a positive impact on the society. What is this Muslim identity that needs to be fostered in our young Muslims? How do we become conscious of our obligations to this Deen and make positive contributions to society while maintaining our identity and values? In this year’s conference we will explore how Muslims defined being conscious members of society throughout history, along with some practical steps on how to stay mentally and physically sound while being steadfast in our way of life without compromising our Muslim identity.

We are thrilled to have you all join us and our speakers, as we enjoy an eventful evening discussing how to “Reignite the Muslim Influence” in this day and age.

Babysitting and Dinner provided free of charge!

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