Brotherhood Night

Youth of Ummah hosted their first ‘Brotherhood Night’ recently.  While many of you may be wondering, what program is this one?  Well, it’s not a weekly or a special program.  In the mist of running multiple leagues our brothers sometimes get caught up in their love for the sports they are playing or participating in.  Over time, we noticed the basketball league brothers were hardly getting an opportunity to see and spend some time with soccer league, and vice-versa.  It was time to change that, and we decided to integrate into our schedules a day dedicated for the brothers from one league to visit another.  No, there is nothing more to it then to just take some time off from your own league, and visit the brothers of another league.  At the end of the day, a big part of our program is about brotherhood and sisterhood.

Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah SWT, we saw much success in this effort; and we look to see much more success in bringing our youth together from various leagues and programs we offer.  We had good participation from the brothers in basketball league as they visited the soccer league.  However, an amazing part of this effort took place when the soccer league brothers planned to host their brothers from basketball league.  They decided to allocate some time to allow their visitor brothers to participate in a match of soccer with them.  This did not only contributed to the brotherhood, but also showed how much the youth care about each other.  In addition, the soccer committee brothers decided to contribute and order food for their visitor brothers.  How thoughtful is this?  May Allah SWT reward those brothers for their kindness and being so caring to each other!

The ‘Brotherhood Nights’ does not end there, the basketball brothers also has plans to host the soccer league.  Stay updated with the dates on our website, here comes the soccer league on a basketball court; what will they be doing during their visit?  What are the basketball brothers planning for them? We shall see.

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