Who We Are

Youth of Ummah (YOU) is a subsidiary organization of Islamic Organization of North America (IONA). YOU was established in 2011 to serve the youth of our community and provide an Islamic environment for them to express themselves and build a lifestyle of serving the Deen of Allah SWT.


Conscious and influential youth uniting and transforming their communities, seeking the pleasure of God.


The mission of Youth of Ummah is to attain the pleasure of God by:

Providing an environment for brothers and sisters to express themselves.
Creating a diverse and supportive network of youth.
Fostering purification of hearts and minds.
Mentoring youth in education, leadership and activism in North America.
Developing a well-balanced character based on Islamic teachings.
Engaging youth in community dialogue and transformation.

YOU Programs are Moving to Youth Lounge

Starting from November 1st, all of YOU Programs will take place in our Youth Lounge! We will also have the room open daily for program usage and open hours, so come through and make use of your Youth Lounge every day! See you there Insha Allah!

What's New at YOU

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Fall Fest, Mommy & Me, Youth Lounge, & Winter Leagues

CAIR MI & YOU Anti-Bullying Workshop


Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me

Youth Lounge Open Daily

Youth Lounge

Below are other Events around the Community that you can Benefit From




Ongoing Programs

Fast & Learn – Every Thursday


Islam 101 – Every Saturday


#TheSocial – Every Saturday

Real Impact. Real Words.

#TheSocial is our ongoing sisters only program. It starts at 5 PM, every Saturday, at the Youth Lounge. All sisters are invited!

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